Mario Lopez Gives His Thoughts On The Upcoming ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot

saved by the bell reboot


Mario Lopez is a hard guy not to like, on E News he seems to never have a bad day, and his role as AC Slater in ‘Saved By The Bell’ was definitely a successful one. The sitcom that started In 1989 became a household name that meshed perfectly with a Saturday morning and a bowl of cereal. Lopez agreed to partner with NBC and their new streaming service Peacock that launched in July 2020, to bring a ‘Saved By The Bell’ reboot to life.  I asked Lopez about it and just how good his days on the 1989 sitcom were.

“It is ironic that I am doing the show so many years later. You are just happy to be working at the time,” Lopez said. “It was a Saturday morning show so we weren’t making ‘Friends’ type of money. I was just feeling real blessed at the time. But later on you realize people might look at you in a certain type of light or character, that is why I got into other things like hosting and producing and trying to get my hustle on in other areas.”

It was a blast to interview Mario and of course he had his usual positive energy which led to a fun interview. He also discussed his partnership with General Mills Cereal in which he is hosting a drive-in event at the Rose Bowl to enjoy some cartoons and some new cereal flavors from General Mills.

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