Elon Musk Might Have Talked Himself Into Getting Beaten Up By Mark Zuckerberg As Meta CEO Accepts Cage Match Challenge

elon musk mark zuckerberg fight

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Elon Musk likes to talk. A lot. It’s likely why he severely overpaid for a social media app that has the primary function of sharing your thoughts. Elon likes to talk and he likes everyone to hear it.

This time, however, Elon’s mouth might have walked him into a situation where he finds himself in a cage match again Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

After saying on — you guessed it, Twitter! — that he’s “up for a cage match” if Zuckerbergis, the Meta CEO posted a screenshot of Musk’s tweet to his Instagram with the caption “Send me location” to apparently accept the challenge.

That was then followed up by a report from The Verge, who confirmed with Zuckerberg that he’s serious about fighting Musk.

Not only is Zuckerberg over a decade younger than Musk but he’s also taken up quite an interest in fitness in recent years, as he’s taken up jiu-jitsu and workouts such as the “Murph challenge”, which he claims he recently completed in under 40 minutes.

Musk, however, does have a height advantage over Zuckerberg (he’s taller) and also a weight advantage (he’s fatter). This isn’t the first time that Musk has pulled this sort of hollow posturing as he also challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a fight last summer.

The “dispute” between the two likely stems from reports that Zuckerberg’s Meta is using Musk’s haphazard stewardship of Twitter to launch a similar app called “Threads”.

Meta leadership also hasn’t been shy about their reasoning behind the product, as chief product officer Chris Cox told employees that “creators and public figures are interested in having a platform that is sanely run.”

If this fight ever did happen — which it won’t — it likely wouldn’t even be available for public viewing as it’s doubtful that either of these men’s egos would let them publicly lose a fight to a dork as big as their opponent.