Marlon Wayans Storms The Court At His Son’s Basketball Game And Goes Ballistic On The Refs For Not Calling Fouls

Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic

They say you won’t know how you’ll be until you have one. You don’t know what kind of father you’ll be until you see yourself in someone else.

But, with every fiber of my being, I hope I am not the Dad Who’s A Liability At Sporting Events. No man has ever left a sports altercation without everyone in the gym shedding a little respect for him.

Unfortunately for Marlon Wayans, a famous person, far more people will collectively cringe at what went down at his son’s high school basketball game Friday night at Bishop Alemany High School in L.A.

A classic case of Refs Are Bad and they weren’t giving Marlon’s son, Shawn, any whistles.

Things escalated quickly.

There is very little a high school referee can do–or not do–to warrant a parent descending down the steps, onto the court, and self-combust in front of everyone.

Does the punishment warrant the crime here?

This was a foul. Yes. But nothing to end up on TMZ over.

Your yearly appetite for Marlon Wayans content should be satiated now.


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