Marvel Fans Can’t Believe How Quickly Jonathan Majors Has Gone From Franchise Savior To Huge Issue

jonathan majors as kang in the MCU

Marvel Studios

After being arrested on allegations of assault and harassment back in March, the career of actor Jonathan Majors has come all but crashing down in recent weeks.

In recent days and weeks, more women have come forward with allegations of abuse against the 33-year-old actor and are reportedly cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office’s investigation into Majors.

As a result of these controversies, Majors has been dropped from a litany of projects, including an unannounced Otis Redding biopic, a feature film adaptation of The Man in My Basement, and an upcoming ad campaign for the Texas Rangers that was set to debut on Friday.

Curiously, though, Marvel Studios has been quiet about how they plan to handle the Majors situation. According to recent reports, there are currently ‘zero conversations’ at Marvel to drop Majors, although that news came before reports of additional alleged victims coming forward.

Now, mere months after being hailed as one of the next great American movie stars and being positioned as one of the future faces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Majors — who could very well end up a convicted criminal due to all of this — now represents a gigantic problem for the franchise.

In addition to his recent starring role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors is also set to feature as a version of the character in the upcoming second season of the Disney+ series Loki, which has already been filmed.

Additionally, Majors was set to be the protagonist at the center of the next tentpole Avengers film, 2025’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Alongside the aforementioned projects, Majors is also set to star in the already-shot film Magazine Dreams and is attached to both the Spike Lee project Da Understudy and the Dennis Rodman biopic comedy 48 Hours in Vegas. At this time, neither of those two projects have commented on Majors’ involvement going forward.

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