Matthew McConaughey Shares Gnarly Photo Of His Eye Completely Swollen Shut From A Bee Sting

Matthew McConaughey smiling on the red carpet

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Matthew McConaughey not only recently got poked in (or near) the eye, but unfortunately for the Academy Award winner, that poker was the stinger of a bee.

In a post shared with his 10+ million followers on Instagram and 3+ million on Twitter, McConaughey shared a selfie of his right eye completely swollen closed with the caption “bee swell,” indicating the reaction came from a bee sting.

The 54-year-old A-lister actually hasn’t starred in a live-action film since the 2020 Guy Ritchie movie The Gentlemen. Other than that, he had a lead voice in the 2021 animated movie Sing 2 and voiced Elvis in the Netflix animated comedy series Agent Elvis, which was canceled after one season.

The beloved Texan actor does have a few upcoming projects on his slate, though, as he’s set to star in the films The Rivals of Amziah King and The Lost Bus, in addition to playing himself alongside his buddy Woody Harrelson in an AppleTV+ comedy.

Over the last year or so, there have been rumors that McConaughey would be starring in a Yellowstone sequel series, however, the most recent reports indicate he’s likely walked away from the project due to reported issues with creator Taylor Sheridan’s apparently jerkish personality.

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