Ethan Hawke’s Daughter Maya Clowns On Him For Getting Caught ‘Trying To Flirt’ With Rihanna

ethan hawke flirting with rihanna at knicks game

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During a recent joint interview with Variety, actress Maya Hawke clowned on her Academy Award-nominated father Ethan for famously flirting with Rihanna while at a Knicks game with his son.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Ethan Hawke is seen discussing that infamous 2015 moment that saw him flirting with Rihanna while courtside at a New York Knicks game. His daughter Maya, however — who followed in his footsteps and became an actor, as well — quickly chimed in to correct him, saying that he was “trying to flirt” with the iconic pop star.


“We’re like the boring, indie Kardashians,” Maya joked in the interview with Variety.

The dynamic is playful. In Maya, there’s no trace of an eye-rolling 20-something embarrassed by her dad. Although it probably helps when the dad in question has epitomized arty cool since the ’90s, is friends with Pedro Pascal and Gwyneth Paltrow, and has the game to publicly flirt with Rihanna courtside at Madison Square Garden. [via Variety]

The duo of Ethan and Maya are set to star together for the first time when they appear in the film Wildcat, which Ethan directed, together. The film is a biographical drama about Flannery O’Connor and her efforts to get her first novel published.

Maya, on the other hand, is coming off one of the biggest years of her career, as the 25-year-old raised her profile with appearances in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City and an upcoming role in Bradley Cooper’s Maestro. 

In the coming years, Hawke will also feature in the film The Kill Room — which also stars her mother Uma in a Pulp Fiction reunion with Samuel L. Jackson —  and reprise her role as Robin Buckley in the fifth and final season of the hit Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things.