Mayor Quotes Jay-Z After He Was Found Not Guilty Of DUI

by 5 months ago

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A South Carolina mayor was vindicated when he was found not guilty of drunk driving and he celebrated by dropping a Jay-Z lyric. Greenwood Mayor Wellborn Adams took to Twitter after a jury found him not guilty of driving under the influence and tweeted: “In the words of Jay Z, ‘not guilty, y’all got to feel me.'”

In September of 2015, Adams was arrested at a checkpoint only feet from his home. He was driving home after celebrating his wife’s 40th birthday. State trooper Derek Johnson asked Adams to perform several field sobriety tests such as standing on one leg, but the mayor failed. Adams argued that he failed the test because he tore his Achilles tendon three years ago. Another reason Adams failed the tests is that he’s clumsy, which his wife went on the stand to corroborate. “I don’t want to make fun of him,” Ericka Adams said, laughing. “He’s a genius, but he is clumsy.” She added that her husband regularly trips while jogging.

Trooper Johnson said Adams’ blood-alcohol level was 0.09 percent on a breath test and the legal limit is 0.08. However, the judge threw out the breathalyzer results after Adams’ lawyer said the mayor didn’t have enough time to read the form agreeing to the test.

The cops want to knock him, D.A. wants to box him in, but somehow he beat them charges like Rocky. After about five minutes of deliberation, the six-member jury ruled that Mayor Adams was not guilty of DUI. Adams may have 99 problems, but a DUI ain’t one.


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