McDonald’s Employee Leaves Hilarious Sign On Drive Thru After Quitting Mid-Shift

McDonalds Worker Quits With Posting On Drive Thru

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  • A McDonald’s employee quit overnight by posting a sign on the drive-thru.
  • A Louisville man shared the photo in a now-viral Tweet.
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There are few things worse than driving to get a McFlurry only to hear, “Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken.” Unfortunately, this occurrence is all too common.

Here, however, we have one of the few things that IS actually worse.

Twitter user @GreatApeDad, who asked TODAY food to go by his Twitter username, drove to a McDonald’s in Louisville, Kentucky one Sunday morning to pick up the BTS meal for his wife. But the Saturday night manager quite frankly finished their time at the restaurant.

In a now-viral Tweet, @GreatApeDad shared the ex-manager’s posting. The monitor read, “We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job.”

Thankfully for him, the McDonald’s was open by the time he drove through Sunday morning. Somehow, none of the staff noticed the sign from the previous night until he mentioned it.

@GreatApeDad told TODAY food that he, “used to work in the service industry”. He “thinks that people are just frustrated, especially the working class people who are there in the front line.”

If he understands the irritations of service workers, then none of us should be upset with how this manager quit. Yes, there is definitely a better way to go about quitting. But hey, there is some level of respect you have to give for the honesty here. @GreatApeDad got his food, and the manager got their peace, hopefully.

So next time the ice-cream machine is broken at McDonalds, be thankful that the employees are still there to serve you a Happy Meal.