McDonald’s Customer Claims He Found A Pig Nipple On A Piece Of Bacon And Shares Pics To Back It Up

McDonald's pig nipple bacon sandwich photo

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  • A man in the United Kingdom claims he received a slice of bacon that still had a pig nipple attached to it in a breakfast sandwich he ordered at McDonald’s
  • The chain denied the customer’s claims after a photo of the bacon went viral
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In 1906, Upton Sinclair proved that ignorance is truly bliss when he published the not-so-fictional novel The Jungle. It was a shocking exposé of the American meatpacking industry that served as a literal testament to the oft-cited analogy German statesman Otto von Bismarck used when he likening the inner-workings of government to the sausage-making process, saying “you should never watch either one being made.”

We’ve thankfully come a long way since Sinclair shared his cherry anecdote about dead rats getting chucked into the same grinders that processed pork and beef, but there’s still something to be said about not asking too many questions about the journey your meat took from the farm to your table—especially if you’re not willing to pay the premium for products with “farm-to-table” on the label.

However, there’s still only so much you can do to avoid being confronted with reality, which one man in the United Kingdom recently learned the hard way after ordering a bacon roll for breakfast at McDonald’s. According to The Daily Star, 27-year-old Simon Robinson (who said he routinely examines his food prior to digging in due to OCD) took a closer look at the sandwich and recoiled after spotting what he claims is the nipple of a pig on one of the pieces of bacon.

Robinson told the outlet he’s “considering going vegan” (although that didn’t stop him from eating the rest of the sandwich after setting the piece with the alleged nipple aside). He’s also refused to send the bacon back to McDonald’s after the company said it was willing to test the strip, saying he fears it would simply be destroyed.

The Independent contacted a McDonald’s spokesperson who denied the nipple is actually a nipple in a statement, saying, “We use back bacon in all of our bacon rolls and due to the location that this cut is taken from, we are confident this customer is mistaken in his claim.”

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