Miami Beach Passes Law Banning Clubs And Bars From Selling Booze After 2 AM And People Are Losing It

Miami Beach bans alcohol after 2am reactions social media

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  • The residents of Miami Beach took to the polls and voted to ban the sale of alcohol at nightclubs and bars after 2am, changing the region forever
  • Traffic has been nightmarish in the region forever and this is certain to alleviate that at night but also kill many bars and clubs in the process
  • People took to social media to discuss
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The results are in and it’s a potential nail in the coffin for Miami Beach nightlife while simultaneously being a massive win for mainland Miami. I say that because places like Club E11EVEN in Miami back on the mainland and clubs/bars in Wynwood will now leach off all of that late-night Miami Beach nightlife and make a LOT more money while the Miami Beach businesses suffer. Gone are the days of 4 am drinks at Mac’s Club Deuce.

Miami Beach (including South Beach) voters took to the polls on Tuesday and voted to ban the sale of alcohol after 2 am. This includes alcohol sales at bars and clubs which will now effectively have to shut down at those hours. They expect to include a provision for massive hotels that have in-house security and an indoor queue for the clubs (ie., Club Liv at Fontainebleau) but this will change the area for certain.

Miami Beach bans alcohol after 2am

Currently, and until the new law goes into effect, there is no time limit on when bars and clubs need to close or stop selling alcohol in the region. After the 2 am ban on alcohol sales passed, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared “This is what our residents want.”

I find that rather interesting because the population of Miami Beach is over 90,000 residents and only 7,301 people voted to ban alcohol sales after 2 am. I wouldn’t exactly say 7,300 people are representative of a 90,000 population and that’s just a chunk of the population that hates nightlife enough to vote.

They want to rebrand South Beach and Miami Beach as a “Live, Work, Play” area versus the current reputation of a place to go party. The reaction on social media is pretty grim. Nobody likes this, at least not online.

Las Vegas has to be LOVING this news. I’m wondering who outside of the political elite wanted this to happen? It’s going to hurt tourism for YEARS.

I don’t frequent South Beach, Miami Beach, or even Miami in general but I still probably get there more than most people. It’s nice staying out on Miami Beach and having the contained area where you can chill at the Fontainebleau pool after waking up hungover and then head over to Joe’s Stone Crab for a late lunch before really kicking it into the next gear that takes you through to that last 5 am drink at Club Duece.

As you saw in the tweet reactions above, residents of Miami don’t go to Miami Beach or South Beach. If they do it’s because they’ve got friends visiting from out of town. The nightlife in Miami Beach has been primarily driven by tourists and that’ll shift. This will also hurt the taxi and ride share business with people traveling significantly less between Miami Beach and the City of Miami. The effects of this will be seen for years to come.