Miami Marlins Apologize For Reminding The Rays That They Killed Steve Irwin

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In addition to my wonderful writing role with BroBible, I also handle some of our social media, along with various other social media properties floating around the interwebs. So, trust me when I say that social media is no simple gig.

Being a social media coordinator or manager — or “admin” as the youths on Twitter like to call it — is actually much more complicated than people realize.

While the average person may think that being a social media professional consistents merely of making memes like Slim Jim and tweeting nonsense like Moon Pie, the fact is that the entire goal of the job — to please as many people as possible as quickly as possible — is literally the opposite of what usually occurs on social media.

So, whenever these social media mishaps come across my desk, I always feel bad for the people behind them, as you always receive far more attention for your mistakes than your accomplishments.

Except for this time, because I really don’t think they did anything particularly wrong.

Earlier today, the Miami Marlins were forced to issue a statement apologizing for the actions of their social media team, who replied to a Tampa Bay Rays tweet saying “you’re literally the animal that killed Steve Irwin log off.”

The only problem is, I’m not quite sure why they’re apologizing, as there’s literally no one who can be reasonably offended here.

The Rays can’t be offended — it’s their decision to name themselves after stingrays, the animal who killed Steve Irwin.

Fans can’t be offended — it’s their decision to root for the team that names themselves after stingrays, the animal who killed Steve Irwin. There are just facts.

Perhaps it’s the actual stingrays who are offended, as they’re sick and tired of having their reputation tarnished because some asshole in the Australian Batt Reed decided to plunge their stinger into the world’s most famous outdoorsman over a decade ago.

Such is the nature of social media in 2019.


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