Michael B. Jordan Is Actively Lobbying For Denzel Washington To Join The MCU: Here’s Who He Should Play

Michael B. Jordan Is Lobbying For Denzel Washington To Join The MCU


I’ve said this a few times on this here wonderful website, but it’s always worth repeating: I think Denzel Washington is the world’s greatest living actor. Better than Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson and Daniel-Day Lewis and so on. He just has this aura of charisma that he brings to every role, whether that role be heroic, villainous, or somewhere in between, that no other performer can match.

Naturally, given his legendary status, comic book fans — including Michael B. Jordan, an MCU alum himself — have been clamoring for the two-time Academy Award winner to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some way, shape, or form.

While answering some fan questions for IMDB to promote their new film A Journal For Jordan, Micheal B. Jordan was asked if he’d like to see Denzel Washington join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only did he say yes, but he also said he already has some idea for it:

“Yes! No hesitation. I actually got some things in mind, but yeah,” Jordan said.

“You better hurry!” replied Washington.

“I know, but I got you. I got some ideas for that,” Jordan added.

Personally, while I’d love to see Denzel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Professor X, Norman Osborn, and Galactus are the first three characters that come to mind — I just can’t see it happening. During his press tour for The Tragedy of Macbeth, Denzel revealed that he’s had recent conversations with directing heavyweights such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Steve McQueen, and Alfonso Cuarón because he wants to “keep moving up.” Given that Denzel seems to be in that sort of creative mindset, I just can’t imagine him pivoting in his late 60s to cash a Marvel Studios paycheck. Would I love to see it? Absolutely. Do I think it will? Nope.

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