Michael Che Tells Hilarious Story About Going To A Strip Club With Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in The World

Jonathan Goldsmith held the title of The Most Interesting Man in the World title for over a decade, sauntering into the Dos Equis audition in the early 2000s as a homeless man in his 60s for job posting that was seeing a “young, latino type.” After improvising a monologue ending with the sentence, “And that’s how I arm-wrestled Fidel Castro,” Goldsmith would become one of the most recognizable faces in modern advertising by depicting the peak of male evolution.

So when Goldsmith stepped away from the role as The Most Interesting Man last year and awarded the job to a French actor named Augustin Legrand, I was skeptical of the dude. I mean, how do you replace a guy who had the balls to hook-up with Clint Eastwood’s girlfriend on a movie set back in the 60s?

I spent the weekend with the folk of Dos Equis at the College Football National Championship in Atlanta and had a few run-ins with Goldsmith’s 42-year-old replacement and Michael Phelps doppelgänger. Confirmed: the dude is suave as fuck. He entered the Dos Equis party of Sunday night with his sack dragging on the floor…

My infantile admiration for Legrand grew exponentially when I heard SNL co-head writer Michael Che recalled to Jimmy Fallon a story from Sunday night in which he jokingly asked The Most Interesting Man to go to the strip club in Atlanta. The dude jumped on the opportunity like he’d never seen a pair of hoo-has before.

To think that just an hour before this epic adventure unfolded, I was at a party with both of them drinking so many Dos Equis that I texted every ex-girlfriend I’ve had since the sixth grade. I could have been the third leg to that tripod. Sad!

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