MillerCoors Hopes To Revitalize Millennial Beer Drinking With Two Hats Beer, A Super Cheap Light Beer

Two Hats

For those dudes born before the year 1997, what was your go-to beer during your 21-24 year-old days? Kind of a tricky range because you still felt like you should be in college but you also maybe felt like maybe you should put on a collared shirt. Basically, you felt like the beer equivalent of a Natty Ice with a tastefully placed lemon wedge.

Unlike generations before it, millennials aren’t drinking enough beer to keep many brands afloat, with beer consuming declining at an annual rate of 3 percent over the last 15 years while wine and liquor consumption remains unharmed.

MillerCoors looks to buck the trend with a new cheap beer that it hopes will resonate with the newly legal. Its name: Two Hats.

According to the Miller Coors Blog, the beers are clean-finishing light beer with a hint of natural fruit flavor and clock in at 4.2 percent alcohol by volume [same as a Budweiser]. Two Hats debuted two flavors that have gotten positive reception from drinkers–lime and pineapple–coupled with the tagline “Good, cheap beer. Wait, what?”

Two Hats incorporating fruit flavors into its beer is smart considering beers with some element of flavor are all the rage right now–with three in five U.S. alcohol drinkers saying they were interested in beer with fruit flavors and the flavored beer market up 80 percent from 2010.

The best part: 16-ounce cans of Two Hats are selling in both 4-packs and six-packs for about five dollars.

Two Hats has partnered with millennial-centric brands like College Humor, Spotify, Snapchat and YouTube to digitally market its product to a generation perpetually online. The goal, per the Miller Coors Blog, is to “enlist this generation of legal-age drinkers to beer from other offerings in wine and spirits.”

Hey, one guy on the world wide web digs it. Certainly enough for me to have one. Or ten.