Anna Torv Has Some Interesting Theories About One Of The Unresolved Mysteries On ‘Mindhunter’

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For those of you who watched Mindhunter on Netflix and immediately wished that season two was beginning, well, the moment after you finished it, there are two unresolved mysteries that they just left hanging there. (And if you did watch the show then you really need to see this too.)

The first one is just who in the bloody hell is the guy in Wichita, Kansas that we only caught glimpses of every episode. (I have a pretty good idea, but don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so just to be safe I will save that to the end.)

The second mystery that was never resolved was what the heck happened to that cat Dr. Wendy Carr (wonderfully played by Anna Torv) was feeding down in her creepy laundry room?

I mean, really… you’re really going to go through all that nonsense with the cat only to leave us with…NOTHING? Damn you, David Fincher.

Thankfully, Anna Torv also wants to know what’s up with that dang cat so she put forth a couple of interesting theories when asked about it by Esquire.

“I think it’s open to interpretation,” Torv said when I asked her about the storyline last month. “At first I thought, ‘Okay, is this representing all the faceless people that get taken by these killers every day?’ This little thing [the stray cat] that no-one cares about — I mean, we find out about people that have been murdered because they have families who tell the police, but there are homeless people and prostitutes and street kids that nobody is missing, and serial killers target.”

Interesting theory, and subtly symbolic. But WE STILL DON’T KNOW FOR SURE!

What if the cat just happened to vanish one day because there is something, or someone, else, more sinister, lurking in and around her building?

“Is there a serial killer in Wendy’s building who’s slowly starting out, and testing his bloodlust on feral kittens?” Torv pondered. “I think there are a lot of ways it could go.”

Yes, there most certainly are. Un-effing-fortunately we all have to wait until 2019 for season two of Mindhunter to appear and give us some answers.

Now, as for that creepy guy in Wichita… if you don’t want to read my take on him, stop here.

mindhunter kansas serial killer


My assumption, based on the fact that this creep in Kansas obviously works for the security company ADT that it is none other than Dennis Rader, AKA the BTK serial killer.

Want proof? Here’s some pretty solid evidence that it’s him, thanks to, dun-dun-dun, the Wichita Eagle

The series is set in 1977, after Rader had already murdered seven of his 10 victims – many of whom he stalked and strangled. Rader, who called himself BTK — for Bind Torture Kill — worked as an ADT Security Services installer from 1974 to 1988 in Wichita.

He lived in Park City until his arrest in 2005. His murder spree stretched from 1974 to 1991.

You may recall that the series finale ends not in Wichita, but in Park City, Kansas with this guy throwing some disturbing sketches into a burn barrel.

Also, remember the scene where he was shown waiting in someone’s home, only to get super-frustrated because whoever he was waiting for hadn’t arrived?

Well, a woman named Anna Williams was one of the people on Rader’s hit list, but because she arrived home much later than he expected, according to Wikipedia, Rader “became obsessed with Williams and was ‘absolutely livid’ when she evaded him. He spent hours waiting at her home but became impatient and left when she did not return home from visiting friends.”

So creepy.

Rader, now 72, is currently being held at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas, serving ten consecutive life sentences.

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