Model Reveals She Got Private DMs From Kanye West Trying To Hook Up With Australian Women

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During a recent appearance on the White Fox After Hours podcast, model Mikaela Testa was asked who is the most famous person to slide into her DMs.

“In terms of status or followers? What do you mean?” Testa replied, then admitted, “I might not want to say this. Kanye West. Kanye West has DM’d me.”

The show’s hosts Cody Mathews and Scarlett Montgomery then asked the popular OnlyFans model, “What did he DM you?”

“He DM’d me saying, ‘Hi,'” Mikaela answered.

“He’s married now, so I feel comfortable saying his name. I got his number. WhatsApp’d him. That’s as far as it got,” she continued talking about Kanye.

“And then he ended up dating an Australian woman and he also messaged another acquaintance of mine that was an Australian girl. Because I was talking about it and she showed me as well, and I was like, ‘Maybe he was messaging Australian girls at the time. He wants an Australian girl!”

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As it turned out, the 46-year-old West ended up getting one because after finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian in November of 2022 he ended up informally marrying (with no marriage license) 28-year-old Australian Bianca Censori in January of 2023.

Censori, who works as a architectural designer for West’s Yeezy brand, holds a masters degree in building design from Melbourne University.

Despite the lack of a marriage license, the Mirror reported that Censori was recently filmed on TikTok being hit on by a man in a clothing shop and told him with a smile, “I’m married!”

Interestingly, back on January 14th, the day after TMZ broke the news about her marrying Kanye West, Censori posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “Now is the perfect time to go and get what’s yours.”

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