The Internet Has Found The Most Brutal Rejection Letter Of All-Time

by 1 year ago
Rejection Letter


Nobody wants to receive a rejection letter, but the sender usually tries to soften the blow by eloquently lying to you by saying you are “overqualified” or they will “save your resume on file if an opportunity arises that fits your skills.” This nearly century-old rejection letter does not sugarcoat anything and could very well be the most brutal rejection letter of all-time.

The Letters of Note Twitter account regularly shares fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos. This particular letter was a notice of rejection for a person who submitted their poems. It did not go as planned. The letter from April 10, 1928 was sent from Katoomba, which is in New South Wales, Australia. Robertson which was and still is today a major Australian bookseller, book publisher, and book printer. The rejection letter did not mince words and was not afraid to hurt the feelings of the person who submitted the verses.

“No, you may not send us your verses, and we will not give you the name of another publisher,” the letter states. “We hate no rival publisher sufficiently to ask you to inflict them on him. The specimen poem is simply awful. In fact, we have never seen worse.” Jeez, tell us how you really feel. But you do have to appreciate the honesty and not leading this person on that they have a chance at making it as a poet.

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