Here Are The Most Disproportionately Popular College Majors For Every State In America

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The United States is absolutely enormous. So much of what makes every state unique has been formed over centuries by our diverse geography from the sub-tropics of Florida to the plains to the desert to the Rocky Mountains and everything in between.

I say all this because I think geography has a lot to do with the data below. Just look at Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana if you don’t believe me. The career website Zippia organized data from the US Census Bureau’s American Communities Survey to determine the most disproportionately popular college major of every state in America. They divided the number of degree holders by the state’s overall population and then they compared that to the national rate. Here’s what they found. Missing from the Business Insider diagram seen below is Hawaii which was Oceanography.

Business Insdier

It’s pretty remarkable how localized the various types of engineering degrees are, and how Agriculture is basically only found within the center third section of the USA. Criminology for Florida is one that I was actually aware of because I took a few Criminology classes at FSU for fun and found out that FSU has one of the best Criminology schools in America, so that would explain why students are flocking there for that degree. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know that you could major in Forestry but based on the data for Oregon that appears to be the case.

For a detailed look at the map you can click here to visit Business Insider.