Behold The Most Expensive Steak In All Of Manhattan, A $350 Cut Of Meat

most expensive steak in Manhattan


This $350 12-ounce cut of Wagyu beef is the most expensive steak in Manhattan, and you can find it at the Old Homestead Steakhouse. I’ve only been to the Old Homestead Steakhouse once, and I didn’t order the $350 steak but I recall that they had some of the best service of any steakhouse I’ve been in New York.

When I see ‘most expensive steak in Manhattan’ I immediately wonder 1) is it worth it? 2) what makes this steak so special? 3) is this a gimmick or could it possibly be worth $350? I also want to know if they’re using the best steak knives money can buy. These are some difficult questions to answer, and this video from Zagat doesn’t do much to answer that question in only 54 seconds. But, before you jump to ‘no shot in hell is this steak worth $350’ I think it’s important to consider how much labor goes into putting this steak on the table, and I’m not talking just about the person preparing the steak, I’m talking about everything from the moment the rare cow was born.

This is 12oz of ‘A5+’ Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef comes from 4 different types of Japanese cows who are predisposed to produce meat with intense marbling, and thus a very high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. This is some of the most sought after beef in the world, and if you’ve ever tasted this type of beef you know that it’s certainly worth more than your average cut.

What goes into preparing the $350 steak? I think we can all take some preparation tips from this video. The 12 ounces of A5+ Wagyu is heavily salted, with the salt being lightly rubbed into the beef. It’s then thrown on an extremely hot grill at the Old Homestead and drizzled in pre-melted butter, with the chef applying a good sear to both sides. The steak is then moved to another surface and more butter is drizzled while the chef sears the edges of the steak so it is entirely covered in that seared finish. The sides are pretty vanilla. It comes with a broccoli vegetable medley and is served on a plain plate.

This is a cut of beef that’s supposed to speak for itself. You’re not getting a steak covered in truffles and gold flake just to jack up the price. This cut of beef is what commands the exorbitant price and makes it the most expensive steak in Manhattan.

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So, is it worth it?

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