Google Reveals The Most ‘Relatively Unique’ Searched Super Bowl Recipes In Each State And We’ve Got Questions

most popular super bowl foods


The three most important things when it comes to the Super Bowl experience are the food, the game itself and the commercials. And yes, that’s the correct order of importance, the food can and will make or break the Super Bowl viewing experience.

Each year the big game rolls around there seems to be something new involved when it comes to food, especially when a new diet is introduced into the world every seven minutes. Let’s get one thing straight, though, you can’t go wrong with the classics. A bad chicken wing has never actually existed, melted cheese always wins and a burger could be cooked to a crisp and you’re still taking a few bites of it and walking away more satisfied than not.

As for those classics and most popular foods for the Super Bowl, well, they change region by region and state by state.

Google has revealed the most popular food recipes for the Super Bowl with ‘relatively unique’ search terms in each state and we need to talk about some of these.

First up, my home state of Tennessee. Jalapeno poppers? I lived all over the state of Tennessee and can confirm that a jalapeno popper has never been made by someone in the state unless we’re talking about a random bar or Sonic Drive-In. Nobody is making homemade jalapeno poppers in Tennessee, if jalapeno poppers are on the table, don’t believe your friend that they’re homemade, they’re from the freezer section at Walmart.

Next up we have the two most mysterious states in the country, North and South Dakota. North Dakota’s most popular dip is literally just pizza sauce while their neighbors to the South go a little heavier with marinara sauce. They’re very similar, yet different, but definitely weird as hell all the same.

Wyoming, you’re not off the hook here. You’re most popular and ‘unique’ searched recipe is simply ground beef? People in Wyoming don’t know how to cook ground beef is what this map is telling us. Interesting.

Last, but not least, we have Alaska maintaining its claim of being perhaps the weirdest state of all with dill pickle with beef dip.


No human should have to dip a regular pickle into anything. Fried pickles sure, but just dipping a pickle into a dip, let alone beef dip? What are you guys doing up there?

Also, what is ‘beef dip,’ are we talking like a super thick chili type thing and you’re just dipping dill pickles into it?


Enjoy your weird foods, America.