75 Bands From Famous Movies Perform ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ in Epic Mashup

by 3 years ago
Jim Carrey Cable Guy

Vimeo / Cable Guy

I know what you’re thinking ‘Cass, it’s 2017! Did you really just blog about a supercut? Those videos died years ago.’ Well, you’re damn right I did because this one’s pretty epic.

This is a mashup of 75 different iconic bands from famous movies. We’ve got Cheech and Chong, The Blues Brothers, The Doors, Sexual Chocolate, and more. Whoever put this video together really spent an extraordinary amount of time putting together movie clips because this draws on films across multiple generations.

It kinds of bums me out that YouTube and Vimeo have seen a shift away from glorious supercuts such as this. Just a few years ago, it seems like we were seeing awesome nostalgic supercuts pop up once a week. Kind of has me wondering if Stranger Things has killed nostalgia for everyone because they’ve inundated society with nostalgia overload in two short years.

Through this ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ supercut I started thinking about my all-time favorite movie bands and I got pretty stuck. Where do you even begin here? There have been so many legendary movie rock bands over the years. It almost feels sacrosanct to choose one over the other.

This video came to me from Robert Jones over on Twitter, the man who put this supercut together. You should consider going to give him a follow!