Moose Walks Into Movie Theater And Helps Itself To Some Popcorn (Video)

Alaskan moose up close

iStockphoto / Binnerstam

A moose walked into a movie theater in Alaska and helped itself to popcorn.

That is not the start of a joke, it actually happened and the incident was caught on video by the security camera and an employee, and has since gone viral.

The young moose sauntered into the Alaskan movie theater like it owned the place. According to the ABC Eyewitness News clip below, theater employees cracked open the door to let in some cool air.

Presumably, the juvenile moose caught the scent of that delicious movie theater popcorn aroma. It is a smell that’s universally loved. The aroma was enough to compel the moose to walk inside and look around.

This all happened while an employee for the movie theater sat behind the counter on their phone trying to remain as still as possible so as not to spook the moose in close quarters. That employee filmed a video that went viral on TikTok (below).

Here is the movie theater moose encounter from the employee’s perspective:

There is also a second viral video that was filmed from the employee’s perspective.

The comments on TikTok express bewilderment:

“Have you tried telling him you’re closed?”

“The way id be like ‘hello how may I help you.'”

““The ice cream machine is broken” usually either makes them leave or ensures they’ll end you quickly…”

The person running that account on TikTok had a run-in with a different moose three days later:

I’m a born and raised Floridian and my daily life experience couldn’t be any more different from people living in Alaska. But I can’t help myself from comparing this to alligators in Florida that invite themselves inside.