MoviePass Lowers Cost To Lowest Price Ever For A Limited Time Only – See Every Movie You Want

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Going to the movies is expensive. Depending on your area, a movie ticket can cost $12, $15, and as much as $18 for just ONE ticket. But seeing a movie doesn’t have to be an exorbitant outing. Thanks to MoviePass, you can see up to 31 movies in a month for as little as $6.95. If you go to a movie per day, that breaks down to 22 cents per movie. Now that’s a bargain.

MoviePass usually costs $9.95 per month, and has offered their service for as low as $7.95 last month. Now, MoviePass is offering their movie theater subscription for a very reasonable $6.95. For a limited time only, you can get a MoviePass subscription for $6.95, which affords you to see one movie per day, excluding 3D films. For new customers, they can pay $6.95 a month and a one-time processing fee of $6.55. For less than $90 a year, you can see all the new Hollywood movies. Not too bad of a deal if you are committed to seeing movies regularly.

“MoviePass has gained momentum in diversifying its revenue streams due to a series of marketing agreements with studios and distributors, as well as partnerships with a number of theater exhibitors,” the company said in a press release. “This recent success in forming relationships with studios, exhibitors, and marketing partners has encouraged MoviePass to offer an even more attractive deal to consumers.”