MTV ‘Cribs’ Reboot Announced – If There Isn’t A Redman Update, We Riot

New MTV Cribs reboot announced.


MTV is bringing back the celebrity real estate TV series Cribs. My Atreyu hoodie and RAZR flip phone are buzzing with excitement.

MTV announced that they will reboot Cribs with a U.S. version and an international version, that will debut first. The international MTV Cribs will premiere this month, and will feature the “celebrity” houses of Caitlyn Jenner, rapper Stefflon Don, Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset fame; Nickelodeon star JoJo Siwa, Bradley Simpson of British pop-rock band The Vamps, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards, former Glee star Kevin McHale; and Kim Kardashian’s confidant Jonathan Cheban.

The U.S. version is scheduled to premiere in early 2021.

“As we spend more time at home this year, our fascination with where and how others live is growing,” Craig Orr, VP of original content and development for youth and entertainment at ViacomCBS Networks International, said in a statement. “MTV Cribs continues to connect our worldwide audiences with their favorite stars as they welcome us into their homes for an exclusive tour. This is pure property porn escapism at its most fabulous.”

MTV Cribs first aired in 2000 and ran for 13 seasons and was an instant hit like LiveWire or a MySpace survey. The property TV show featured the lavish homes of Mariah Carey, Melissa Joan Hart, Destiny’s Child, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Aaron Carter, and The Osbournes. But, anybody who knows anything about MTV Cribs, knows that for a fact, there is one and only greatest episode.

Let’s take a minute to remember the greatest episode of Cribs – the Redman episode. The time when How High rapper was all about keeping it real and did not disappoint one iota as he flaunted his 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home dubbed “De La Casa” in Staten Island, complete with a Spuds MacKenzie cardboard cutout, extensive adult movie collection, stocked with Herbal Essence body wash, Gorton’s Italian Herb Grilled Fillet of fish, and a Sega Dreamcast. This was when I learned that I could iron my clothes on the floor.

Also, who could forget Dave Chappelle’s parody of MTV Cribs where he paraded around in his extraordinary affluence that included a T. Rex egg.