A Multi-Level, Mario Kart-Style Go Kart Track Is Opening In Niagara Falls And It Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

Most go kart tracks are the same: Flat, boring… A couple sharp turns while racing against your friends and you’re done. Not this one from Branson, Missouri-based Branson Tracks.  They’re expanding to Niagara Falls, building a massive new go kart track with a four-story corkscrew and multiple elevated coaster sections. You go up! You go down! It looks… SO MUCH FREAKIN’ FUN.

According to NarCity.com, construction ends this fall before the brutal upstate New York winter. The amusement park is slated to open next spring. But if you’re dead set on a similar experience, there are three high-rise tracks at their Branson, Missouri locations… 

Peep these pics from their Instagram.

And here’s my favorite part: