Thousands Of People Around The U.S. Are Receiving ‘Mystery Seeds’ In The Mail

mystery seeds from China


Packets allegedly originating from China are sprouting up in mailboxes around Texas.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told FOX 4 of Dallas that these mystery seeds – which also appeared in several states have now been spotted in the Lone Star state. Texas is among about 30 states to issue a warning about the mailings.

The packages all contain markings from China’s state-run postal agency on the outside.

“We don’t want people opening those up, don’t put them in the mail, certainly don’t plant them. Contact us. Let us pick them up. Treat them like they are radioactive like they are Kryptonite,” Miller told Fox 4.

Police and healthcare officials around the US are “concerned the seeds could be an invasive species to possibly tied to a fake product-review scam.”

According to the New York Post, Jane Rupp, president of the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB’s) Utah chapter, said the incidents could be a scam known as “brushing.”  Brushing involves companies sending free products so they can post a fake review in that person’s name.

Mark Rubial, a nursery owner in Dallas, warned about the seeds: “If someone sends you pills in the mail wouldn’t necessarily take them. It’s kind of the same thing. It doesn’t seem like if you had three or four seeds it’s a big deal. But if you put those seeds out, they drop more seeds and we could actually get damage to our local plants.”

[via Fox 4 Dallas]