Think You’re A Real Movie Buff, Do You? Okay, Then Name All 52 Films Hiding In This Video

Name All 52 Films In This Video


Think you are some kind of movie expert, huh? Well, make yourself comfortable, open a bag of popcorn and feast your eyes on this – a video-based movie teaser that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.

There are plenty of clues to decipher, from classics such as The Great Escape and The Seven Year Itch to family favorites The Lego Movie and Babe, to heartwarming comedies such as Little Miss Sunshine and Notting Hill.

The film was put together by Meerkat Movies to celebrate their 12-month membership by hiding a total of 52 clues; a film title for each week of the year.

The clip takes you through a first-person perspective, capturing the journey of any joyous film fan making their way from box office to snack bar and screen to seat.

As the movie-goer makes their way through the car park, a series of passersby give hints relating to popular motion pictures throughout the years.

With dancing men and groups of chattering women filling the cinema lobby, viewers approach the snack counter to be handed a freshly popped box of popcorn.

As you watch through the eyes of a film fanatic, more well-known movie moments are recreated up the staircase and into the theater.

Before taking a seat to enjoy the latest release, a few more iconic clues are revealed before the video comes to a close.

To see how many you can spot, head over to Meerkat Movies’ website where the tracker will tell you how many you got right and potentially surprise you how many you missed.

Pause and rewind as many times as you like to gain bragging rights against your friends.

Julie Daniels, Head of Customer Rewards at, said, “We really wanted to celebrate our fantastic year-long Meerkat Movies reward through the magic of cinema. We’ve borrowed some of the most iconic film references and mixed them with some silver screen techniques, to create a piece of cinematic content which highlights the sheer variety of genres that can be enjoyed with our offer. We hope viewers have fun trying to spot all 52, but we won’t be surprised if a few cleverly placed clues are only caught by keen-eyed movie fanatics.”

Give Up? Here are the 52 films that appear in the video puzzle. Note: they do not appear in alphabetical order in the video.

101 Dalmatians
21 Jump Street
39 Steps
8 Mile
Ali G Indahouse
American Graffiti
Back to the Future
Beauty and the Beast
Blade Runner
The Blues Brothers
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Dirty Dancing
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Finding Nemo
Forest Gump
The Full Monty
The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
The Great Escape
Harry Potter
Home Alone
Jurassic Park
La La Land
The Lego Movie
Little Miss Sunshine
Lord of the Rings
The Matrix

Million Dollar Baby
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Notting Hill
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
The Royal Tennanbaums
The Seven Year Itch
Sex And The City
Taxi Driver
Thelma and Louise
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
V for Vendetta

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