Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Gets Banned By Delta Airlines After Posting Pic Without Wearing Mask On Flight

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Robert O’Neill, the Navy Seal who claims he killed Osama Bin Laden will not be playing on Delta anytime soon after bragging on social media about not wearing a mask.

On Wednesday, O’Neill uploaded a picture of himself not wearing a mask on a flight with the caption “not a pussy.”

O’Neill went on to troll people on Twitter who attacked him for taking the pic.

O’Neill says Delta has banned him from flying with the airlines but now says he was just joking about the whole ordeal and that he had the mask on his lap the whole time.

Delta has confirmed that they banned O’Neill from flying with them.

Via NY Post

Part of every customer’s commitment prior to traveling on Delta is the requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies, which includes wearing a mask,” the airline said in a statement.

“Failure to comply with our mask-wearing mandate can result in losing the ability to fly Delta in the future.”

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