Nerf’s Hyper Tourney To Feature Fans And Famous TikTokers Competing For $15K Prize Pool By Showing Off Their Nerf Skills On TikTok

Hasbro is once again using TikTok for their latest viral Nerf promotional campaign.

Just a few months ago, the iconic global toy company announced they were hiring a chief TikTok officer from applicants on the social media app to make videos for them for $10,000 a month.

The job eventually went to Sophie Jamison (Nerfers101) but now Hasbro has announced its latest TikTok challenge for their Nerf Hyper Tourney that could net a creative TikTok user a slice of a $15,000 prize pool, tickets to Vidcon 2021, and a ton of Nerf Hyper gear if their team wins.

Beginning today, any TikTok user over 18 years of age can try out to make one of the four Nerf Hyper Tourney teams by submitting videos showcasing their Nerf Hyper blasting skills that will be judged on “creativity, swag, and hyper vibes.” TikTok users can submit their videos by using the original Nerf Hyper TikTok music and the #NerfHyperTourney before July 1st.

On July 23rd, eight TikTok creators will be selected to compete in the Nerf Hyper Tourney which will be hosted by former professional skier turned TikToker Billy Mann and will feature several TikTok stars that boast millions of followers including popular gamer FaZe Rug, Harlem Globetrotter Crissa Ace, music artist Drew Dirksen and Apex Pro Scooter Corey Funk.

The four teams will eventually compete in unique challenges showcasing the speed, accuracy, and capacity of the brand new line of Nerf Hyper blasters. TikTok users will vote for the winners and play along at home creating their own videos.

For more information on how to try out for the Nerf Hyper Tourney you can check out

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