Brilliant New Site Called ‘Nestflix’ Compiles All Your Favorite Fake Movies And TV Shows

New Site Called Nestflix Compiles All The Fake Movies And TV Shows


We’ve all watched at least of portion of them, and love them all. Movies and TV shows like Threat Level Midnight, Tool Time, Angels With Filthy Souls, McBain, Scorcher, Stab, Stab 6, and Stab 7.

Granted, they aren’t actually real TV shows or movies. They’re fictional and usually appear inside of another TV show or movie.

Unfortunately, there has never been a place where you could go to reminisce about the best of the best of these fake flicks and series. Until now…

“Are you like me and love a fake movie within a movie? Or show within a show? Check out Nestflix: the only platform for your favorite nested films and TV shows,” tweeted web designer Lynne Fisher, the creator of Nestflix, on launch day this week.

Now we finally have a place to see all the fake quotes, synopses, stills, cast members, directors and which original film or TV show in which they actually appeared all in one place.

Who will ever forget The Dirk Diggler Story? Or A Burns For All Seasons? Or Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime? Not us, now! There are OVER 400 of these compiled on Nestflix.

At first, Fisher was taking suggestions for additional titles to add to Nestflix, but she’s gotten SO many inquiries that she’s had to temporarily pause it because she needs “time to catch up and read them all.” That hasn’t stopped people on Twitter though.

It even gets super meta with fake TV shows and movies that are actually real TV shows and movies like Wayne’s World, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Bolt, The Larry Sanders Show, and Three Amigos!.

It’s really quite a genius idea. The only thing I can see that’s really missing from it is Shazaam.

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