The Trailer For Netflix’s Latest Horror Movie ‘Apostle’ Is Already Giving Me Terrifying Nightmares

by 10 months ago
netflix apostle horror movie trailer


I already have enough terror in my life thanks to the existential dread I wake up with every morning but that hasn’t stopped me from becoming a huge fan of horror movies.

The genre has experienced a bit of a renaissance in recent years, with standout movies like Sinister and The Conjuring helping to usher in a new era of unsettling films you’ll want to watch with the lights on.

2018 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for horror, with both A Quiet Place and the insane ride that was Hereditary garnering a great deal of critical praise.

However, things are about to kick into high gear with October on the horizon and a Halloween season that’ll feature the highly-anticipated return of Michael Myers.

Netflix has also been responsible for a couple of fantastic additions to the modern horror canon, including introducing the world to the terrifying Veronica in addition to the Blair Witch-inspired The RItual, which was one of the creepier things to come out of 2017.

Now, Netflix is getting back into the horror game in a big way with the upcoming Apostle and it just released a trailer that gave me more than a few goosebumps over the course of a couple of minutes.

Apostle features Martin Sheen portraying the leader of a cult on an isolated island that is infiltrated by Dan Stevens, who you might recognize from the supremely underappreciated movie that was The Guest. 

If you’re a horror guy like me, you might be interested to know the movie is written and directed by Gareth Evans, who previously made The Raid and, more notably, “Safe Haven”, the standout segment from V/H/S/2 (which might be my favorite tape from the entire franchise).

Apostle will drop just in time for Halloween when it hits Netflix on October 12.

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