Netflix Is Finally Adding A Feature That Users Have Been Asking For Since Its Inception



Do you remember the early days of Netflix as a streamer? I certainly do, as the Hollywood giant’s explosion to dominance began when I was beginning college, back in 2011ish, otherwise known as some of the most formative, memorable years of your life.

It was the fall semester of my freshman year at Rutgers University and me and my roommate, who I knew from back in high school, were pledging a fraternity. Even though it was the 2010s, things were wayyy different than they are now, so the hazing was admittedly pretty intense (doable, but intense). The point being, when we finally crawled back to our dorm rooms at god knows what hour, we were shattered. Mentally, physically, emotionally. So broken that I legitimately once tried to fight my roommate, who easily had about 30 pounds on me, because he took the first shower even though I called it. Shit was dire.

At the end of those long (and in hindsight, weirdly wonderful) nights, I have this distinct memory of us doing one of two things: either re-watching the easily digestible How I Met Your Mother or catching up on this new trendy drama series that everyone in the frat was talking about… Breaking Bad, a series that was integral to the dawn of Netflix’s streaming era(but that’s another article for another day).

Ever since then, during that entire decade, it feels like Netflix users were asking the company to add one simple feature: a shuffle function. And finally, they have, as earlier today, Netflix announced that “Play Something”, their de-facto shuffle feature, is now available to use for all users.

According to the streamer, Play Something can perform a handful of tasks: it will either play a new series/film similar to one you’ve watched before, an episode/film you’ve already watched and may want to watch again if it’s been a while, or an episode from a show you’ve started but haven’t finished.

About damn time, Netflix.

The “Play Something” feature is now available to use and can be found underneath your name, as a row on the homepage, or in the menu.

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