Netflix Is Making A Comedy Series About President Trump’s Space Force Featuring Steve Carrell And The Creators Of ‘The Office’

Look, I’m not going to lie. I’m a huge space guy. I love space. Not to brag or anything, but I think I’ve been to almost every NASA museum in existence – The Johnson Space Center in Houston, Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, Cape Canaveral in Florida. Heck, I even used to geek out at NASA Wallops Island on summer vacation trips to the beaches of Virginia and Maryland.

Air and Space Museums like the ones in San Diego and DC are my JAM. Heck, I’ve even been to Very Large Array in the remote mountains of New Mexico, where scientists just hang out and listen to the universe all day. The next one on my bucket list is the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Can’t wait.

In June 2018, Donald Trump announced a “sixth branch of the military” – Space Force. Hell yea! SPACE FORCE.

Of course, this is hilariously absurd, like something out of one of those weird ’70s James Bond movies where secret agents in spandex fight each other with lasers the moon. Until alien space ships descend upon our planet a la Mars Attacks, military conflicts remain mostly between the occupants of Planet Earth.

Space Force will be science fiction until Congress passes legislation authorizing the move. In the meantime, they’re busy with other matters.

But that’s not stopping Steve Carrell and the creators of The Office from imagining what a Space Force would actually be like in a new scripted work-comedy.

Instead of getting a lame, half-assed and unoriginal reboot of The Office, Netflix is doing a show called SPACE FORCE. The series is “from the guys that brought you The Office” and doesn’t have a release date, but I’m absurdly excited for it.

I need to know who the Dwight Scrute, Stanley Hudson, and Ryan Howard of laser weapons are.

Something tells me they’re going to be bringing lots of seconds drinks from Chili’s to the final frontier.


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