Bud Light Just Released A New ‘Dilly Dilly’ Commercial Set To Air On Christmas Day

“Dilly dilly!” It’s the refrain of the season, famous amongst friends who know how to have a good time while toasting each other with icy cold beers.

Today Bud Light released the very fist spot in what I’m dubbing “The Bud Light Dilly Dilly Super Bowl Trilogy.” That’s right… Dilly Dilly commercials are basically episodic medieval masterpieces at this point, a la Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (episodes IV – VI), and the Back To The Future movies . This one is focuses on a new character with a new bag of tricks (and no mentions of the Pit of Misery, sadly). The “Wizard,” a warlock who can cast magic spells, bringing people back from the dead, make people immortal, and turn random objects into cases of Bud Light.

The answer, naturally, is none of the former and all of the latter. More Bud Light, always and forever. Kings orders.

It’s the first spot in Bud Light’s upcoming Super Bowl campaign, airing on Christmas Day during the Steelers and Texans NFL game at 4:30pm ET.

Dilly Dilly!



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