These Kids From Nigeria Created Some Masterful Shot-For-Shot Remakes Of Movie Trailers, Music Videos, And More

nigerian kids movie music video remakes


Making movies was always a hobby of mine when I was younger. From creating stop motion clips with action figures when I was really little to actually writing and directing goofy short films in high school, I’ve always had a ton of fun creating videos with my friends.

I mostly stopped making these ground-breaking productions after my high school years came to an end and many people are likely saddened by the fact that I haven’t contributed any more cinematic masterpieces to the modern canon. Luckily, a group of kids from Ikorodu, Nigeria—Muiz Sanni, his brother Malik, and their cousin Fawas Aina—who call themselves the “Ikorodu Bois” have been picking up the slack for me.

I was scrolling Twitter this morning and came across their recreation of the trailer for Extraction, the action-packed Netflix original starring Chris Hemsworth that came out earlier this year. Needless to say, their rendition was freaking awesome.

After thoroughly enjoying the hell out of that video, I checked out their profile and saw that they have been cranking out these remakes for a while, mimicking all kinds of stuff from film scenes to music videos and even a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

These guys are already legends in my book. I love how resourceful they are in these videos, using whatever they have lying around to create awesome shots. The wheelbarrows as cars are absolutely genius and hysterical. I’d love to see them make an original short film because you know they’d just crush it.

It’s safe to say the future of cinema is bright as long as the Ikorodu Bois are in the business.

Zach is a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying journalism and history. He enjoys movies, the outdoors, and the Boston Bruins. Follow him on Twitter (@zachritenour) or Instagram (@zritenourphoto).