NJ Firefighter Creates Wu-Tang Inspired Tribute To COVID-19 First Responders And It’ll Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

Wu-Tang Covid-19 Song


New Jersey has been hit hard by COVID-19.

As of the writing of this article, over 7,700 residents have died from coronavirus, with 123,717 reported cases.

First-responders in the state have been on the front lines since day one.

One of those brave individuals created this Wu-Tang Clan inspired song to remind people to stay safe and stay 6 feet away.

Michael Sarno, a Belleville, New Jersey firefighter/EMT for the last 12 years, came up with the Covid-focus rap on Easter.

The 41-year-old Afghanistan combat veteran serves on the fire/first responder crew, the self-proclaimed BFD Gold unit.

Sarno told TapInto.net:

“I have seen first hand how serious this virus is and how courageous our first responders are. I hope this song casts light on some of the many heroes who selflessly put themselves and their family’s lives at risk.” He then added, “Although we have flattened the curve and parts of our country will begin to reopen, we must still be vigilant. Yes, It feels good to champion the efforts of first responders, but please understand we will only win this battle if we never take Covid-19 lightly.”

Sarno’s lyrics are pretty damn good for a first-time rap star and the video has close to 50K views in just a few days.

“There’s no place to hide when we step inside the room,
the boys in blue, prepared for this doom and, damn,
we’ll scram to ya fam,
yes ma’am,
and serve with healing hands..”

Check out Sarno’s awesome below.


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