No One Had A Run Like 2010 – 2014 Avicii. No One.

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Every generation has their moment. You know the moment: The moment in cultural history where they look back and say “hey, I was a part of that. It was awesome. It’s in the rear-view mirror, but that was special. That was mine. What a ride.”

If you’ve been a BroBible reader since the beginning, when we started this thing in 2009, you know that Avicii was, very much so, a part of our moment. The wild, prolific rise of Avicii and the electronic dance music scene was a joyride like no other, with many happy memories made to his music in college and post-grad life across the globe. It was a golden, pre-Spotify music world, with a distinct emphasis on blogs like BroBible as a huge distribution platform for EDM hits.

What’d the dudes from Instagram do right after they sold their company for $1 billion in 2012? Head to Vegas to party with Avicii.

In 2011, we threw a bunch of parties with Avicii, including an absolute rager at the Navel Yard in Philly. It was pure electric, a show that marked the beginning of an explosive cultural moment for the dance music scene as it became more and more mainstream. Looking back, it was a halcyon era for everyone associated with BroBible.

No one had a run like the guy, exploding onto the scene as Tim Bergling with Seek Bromance…

We’re gutted by the loss here today. The rise of Avicii was the most thrilling moment of hockey stick growth I’ve ever been apart of. What a ride it’s been.