Norwegian teens find $81,500 on train, return it to elderly owner

A story of Norwegian teens finding $81,500 and returning it to its elderly owner is sweeping the globe.

Bag of money image by Shutterstuck

Two Norwegian teenagers found 467,200 kroner in a bag on a train headed from Oslo.

“When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw were these wads and wads of bills,” one teen told Norway’s Vestby Avis.

Bendik and his unnamed friend immediately called the police to find the money’s rightful owner, saying it seemed like the “right thing to do.”

The teens found a passport that belonged to a 70-year-old man in the bag. The find helped the man retrieve his money from the police.

It was unclear why the man was lugging around that much money. Police suspected no foul play behind the loot.

The man is not believed to have given the teens any reward for their good samaritanship.

A good deed is its own reward, I suppose. But you can’t kick the kids a few bucks? I’m not saying it’d be the right thing to do to take the old guy’s bag of cash. But I’d say my definitions of “right” or “wrong” probably expire when a bag of cash totals over $25,000. My morality is loosely tied to the fluidity of the stock market.