The New Starz Show ‘Now Apocalypse’ Is A Sex-Filled, Vaping Extravaganza That’s Too Trippy Not To Watch

now apocalypse trailer

Screengrab YouTube // STARZ

The cable network Starz has put out plenty of badass shows in recent years — including my personal favorite, American Gods — but the network’s at it again with their latest adventure, Now Apocalypse. And, let me tell you, it’s quite the adventure.

Following characters Ulysses and his friends Carly, Ford and Severine around Los Angeles, Now Apocalypse has a unique twist on this whole millennial culture we’re living in. From swiping nonstop on dating apps to vaping like a college bro standing outside his classes building, the show takes an uber satirical take on today’s culture. Oh, and it happens to include aliens, too, which is an extra little twist. Sound trippy? Yeah, that’s exactly why it should be the next show you added into your rotation.

Now Apocalypse just premiered and it pokes fun at the culture millennials have created for ourselves. It’s a perfect balance of laughing at ourselves for the overconsumption we put ourselves in daily, but sort of approves of the behavior of the current generation — which leaves the viewer both intrigued and a little embarrassed with how spot-on the show is.

Take a look at the trailer below and tell me that this isn’t you and your group of friends.

Uh, yeah, as the Now Apocalypse trailer shows above, portraying a bunch of millennials who are caught up in the whole L.A. lifestyle looks pretty familiar. According to one of the main actors, Avan Jogia, per Decider, “I definitely recognize the characters,” Jogia said. “I recognize the honesty of, ‘Hey, I’m in LA, I’m just gonna find my tribe and wander around aimlessly.’ And the whole living in the valley, in the sun, and going to Del Taco and getting stoned all day, no job, that’s 90% of the people that live in LA.”

Even for those living in small town USA, Now Apocalypse hits on a lot of the stereotypes millennials identify with. Delivered in a unique way that’s both extreme, bizarre and entertaining, dare we say it’ll be your new favorite guilty pleasure?

Trust me, once you’re done watching the Season 2 premiere of the aforementioned American Gods on Starz — which also hits the network this Sunday, March 10 — you’ll need something to chill you out just a little bit, and Now Apocalypse is the perfect show for you. Just remember to bring your vape to hit while watching it.


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