Could You Live In This Tiny NYC Apartment That Costs $800 A Month?

NYC tiny apartment street view

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  • This is one of the most affordable apartments in Manhattan
  • But the living space is virtually non-existent, could you live there?
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Sacrificing living space for the frills of the city is the price that most people pay to live in NYC. $800 a month makes this tiny apartment one of the most affordable NYC options. But could you live in this apartment that’s so small it’s practically a closet?

After watching this NYC tiny apartment video I immediately looked up my old apartment in SoHo. The listing has the wrong square footage displayed so I did some calculations and it was under 500 square feet. It was the tiniest apartment I had ever lived in but the location was incredible. This place below makes my old apartment look like a damn palace.

Living in NYC really is expensive. But you usually get your money’s worth. That hasn’t necessarily been the case over the past year and a half with most of the city’s appeal shut down but NYC is roaring back to life. So that begs the question, could you ever live in this tiny $800/month apartment with a shared bathroom?

Pros: it’s cheap. It has gorgeous street views. The big windows offer lots of natural light.

Cons: everything else.

The shared bathroom is a complete dealbreaker for me. I cannot even begin to imagine sharing a bathroom with neighbors. I wouldn’t pay $100/month if it meant there was a shared bathroom. For only $800 a month, that space could genuinely work as an office but with a shared bathroom it’s still never going to work for me.

What about you? Am I crazy for thinking that $800/month is insane even for NYC when there’s a shared bathroom? You can get at me with your thoughts on Twitter at @casspa.

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