Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Podcast: Recapping Entourage’s ‘An Offer Refused’ With entouragequotes

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For the best Entourage video content on the Internet, look no further than the entouragequotes Instagram account. It’s run by Anthony, another Cali bro like myself who grew up on the show and rewatches it obsessively. He joined me this week on Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast  to discuss Episode 4 of Season 2, the highly underrated An Offer Refused.

An Offer Refused is one of those episodes of Entourage that flies under the radar. Coming on the heels of My Maserati Does 185 and Aquamansion, two episodes that belong in the pantheon of the show, it often flies under the radar. In reality, it contains some of the biggest moments of Season 2.

First, we find that Queens Boulevard got into Sundance, Billy Walsh’s second movie in a row to accomplish the feat. Next, Josh Weinstein spills the beans that Aquaman landed a whale of a director in James Cameron. Two moments in young movie star Vincent Chase’s career that catapult him into the upper echelon of Hollywood.  While Vinnie was on the fence last week about accepting the superhero movie role, he and the squad are now pumped to be making a James Cameron movie.

We also have a top-10 Ari Gold moment and rant that comes in two parts. First when he’s with Mrs. Ari in therapy and later when he fires “Peter Cole”.

Anthony and I also discussed topics such as Johnny Drama’s calf augmentation surgery, Chris Penn and Mad Cow disease. Enjoy!

Also, if you missed it, last week we had fun with actor Jerry Ferrara on Twitter comparing our favorite Entourage characters to NBA logos.

Spoiler alert, they were all Turtle.

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