Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Podcast: Recapping ‘Aquamansion’ With Actress Justine Harrison

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On the heels of ‘My Maserati Does 185’ comes another A+ episode of Entourage which we broke down on Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast. The boys go pajama AND house shopping and at the end of the episode attend a party at the Playboy mansion. We get some classic Johnny Drama moments and a resolution that finds young movie star Vince Chase agreeing to do Aquaman, despite his initial hesitation upon seeing the studio’s wardrobe selection for the superhero.

This week, I had actress Justine S. Harrison on to break down the episode. Justine was a blast to chat with and very well informed about the show, which was a nice break from the assembly line of 25-35 year old dudes we’ve had on the past few weeks. It’s always good to hear that a show aimed at young men still resonated with young women at the time, albeit differently. I’m looking forward to having her back, as her perspective was fresh and entertaining.

We discussed the incredible cast of celebrity cameos this episode, which ranged from Hugh Hefner to Pauly Shore. We also discussed house shopping in LA and how $1 million didn’t buy you much back in 2005. The last topic we touched on are parties at the Playboy Mansion in general. It’s funny to think that today, the 2019 equivalent of the Playboy Mansion pajama party is most likely a music festival with colorful backdrops for Instagram models.

All in all, another A-list episode from the show’s incredible Season 2 run. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a 5-Star review if you’ve been enjoying listening. Don’t miss next Monday AM when we break down the episode Neighbors, which has the boys moving next door to Bob Saget!

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