Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Podcast: Recapping ‘My Maserati Does 185’ With Chad Goes Deep

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This week on the preeminent Entourage podcast Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, I was joined by the Chad Goes Deep duo Chad Kroeger and JT Parr to discuss the second episode of Season 2: My Maserati Does 185. Full disclosure: this is my absolute favorite episode of Entourage. Of all 96 episodes, this one is #1 and I was glad that Chad and JT felt the same.

We debated why we thought that was. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that this was the first episode of the show that fired perfectly on all cylinders. From Vince handing E the keys to a brand new Quattroporte at the beginning of the episode, to the boys sitting courtside at Staples Center and ending up at Jaimie Pressley’s house for a beach party, this was the first episode that made the viewer say, “OK, this is what being a celebrity must be like.” Toss in Johnny Drama’s absurd preoccupation with checking out men’s calves and you get an episode that’s as good as Gold.


Chad, JT and I also discussed why we think Vince turned down a role in the movie Torque and what his career would look like if he didn’t. We ended the episode with a question that’s been asked by many an Entourage fan (and one I’ll be asking guests from here on out): which Entourage character are you?

Having two guys who embodied the SoCal chill lifestyle to discuss such a memorable episode made for a great 45 minutes of entertainment. After last week’s episode starring comedian Chris Distefano, Season 2 is off to an A-List start with even more incredible Entourage episodes and guests to come. Listen below!

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