Ohio State Students Flipped Cars, Went Crazy In The Streets Of Columbus During Out-Of-Control ‘Chitt Fest’ Block Party

Chitt Fest Party Ohio State

NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

Ohio State students went absolutely wild last night for seemingly no apparent reason. A cluster of electric scooters stuck in a tree, crushed beer cans, smashed cars and shards of glass were all that remained on Chittenden Avenue in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday after an annual block party called went full-on ‘Project X.’

Police estimated that about 1,000 “Chitt Fest” attendees crowded the street during the yearly party that is held on the day of the Buckeyes’ spring game. Things started to get out of hand around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday and at least five cars were flipped, many windshields were smashed, and there was litter everywhere. No arrests were made when the party was dispersed in the early morning on Sunday, but Columbus police are working with the school to identify students involved.

“Last night’s property destruction and willful disregard for safety just off campus is unacceptable. Ohio State will work with local law enforcement to identify and hold responsible any students who took part,” university spokesperson Ben Johnson said in a statement.

The scene was bonkers and the students were jammed into every open space.

Then things started to go south when the highly-intoxicated students decided to destroy everything in sight.

All of the flipped cars have been towed away and city street sweepers were called in to try and clean up all of the beer cans and trash left behind, but the damage was already done. There isn’t much justification for what took place, but after a long year of COVID-19 restrictions, students are looking for any excuse to party as the semester comes to a close and Chitt Fest offered that chance. They took it and went a little (way) too hard.