Man Loses $1 Million ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle In Gut-Wrenching Fashion

Well shit. You go through the Depression, World War II, walking 5 miles uphill to school everyday, having the ability to smoke cigarettes indoors ripped away from you, only to have your heart cut out on national television. My god that dude was one cooking technique away from winning $1 million. That’s $1 million a day for the rest of his life. Ok, that was mean and I didn’t mean it.

Poor Frank. If only he had recognized that it was already determined that there was no ‘R’ so it couldn’t be ‘Fried’ and had to be ‘Baked,’ I’d be writing a much different blog post right now. A quick scroll through the YouTube comments of this video indicate that the million dollar prize hadn’t been achieved since 2013, when Frank was only 104. Frank could have made history here and no one would have been happier for him than me. But instead, he lost, and no one is evidently happier than Pat Sajak…


That’s a smug ‘better luck next year’ face if I’ve ever seen one.

Hey Frank, shrug it off. You could always be this boner who flubbed the easiest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle in the show’s history. I’m not a book worm, dude, but come on…

P.S. Vanna White has been flipping those puzzle tiles since I was in diapers and she hasn’t aged one day. Her job sounds trivial and simple, but there’s no way in hell Wheel of Fortune would be the #1 game show in America two decades running if she wasn’t a part of it. Absolute ageless beauty.

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