Olivia Dunne Rival Breckie Hill Stuns In Latest Viral TikTok Videos

Breckie Hill on the red carpet

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Olivia Dunne’s rival Breckie Hill is crushing it on TikTok.

Hill, who boasts 1.9 million followers and has gotten comparisons to Dunne, admitted that she has beef with Livvy and accused the LSU gymnast of being a mean girl.

“I do have beef with her,” Hill admitted after being asked about Dunne. “Do you know her? Livvy Dunne? She’s a TikToker. She’s such a b—. Also, every single person that’s, like, met her, has been like, ‘Oh, she’s so mean in person.’”

Hill went on to claim that Dunne and her friends were bullying her over some recent comments.

“She’s like, ‘Oh, you’re body shaming me,’ “Her and her friends were like, bullying me. They were like, ‘Oh yeah, she’s a dupe.’ Like a Walmart version [of Dunne].”

Despite her beef with Dunne, Breckie has been thriving on social media and shared a series of viral TikTok videos.

Breckie even took a shot at Dunne in one of her latest TikTok videos in which she claims Livvy has blocked her.

While Breckie is mostly a TikTok star, she’s also crushing it over on Instagram.

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