Only in Russia: Janitor saves defenseless woman from pack of wild dogs

Only in Russia could a video as insane as this take place. In this we see a defenseless woman being attacked by a pack of wild dogs, and a janitor coming to her rescue with a snow shovel.

This has to be the most Russian video I’ve seen all Summer, especially given the massive amount of snow accumulation. I mean, here I am in NYC sweating my ass off, dealing with ridiculous humidity and thunderstorms…meanwhile over in Russia there are PACKS OF WILD DOGS attacking women in the snow.

When I first saw this video I had to immediately click when I read ‘pack of wild dogs’ because let’s be honest here, that’s not something we ever see in the good ‘ol US of A. So let’s watch at the heroic janitor comes to this woman’s rescue with a snow shovel and and saves her from this pack of ravenous dogs:

While it appears this video first began making the rounds back in 2012, for whatever reason it’s one of the hottest videos on the web today, so I figured I’d share it with you once again.


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