People Are All Butthurt Over This Wrangler Duct-Taping The Mouth Of A Monster 16-Foot Crocodile

Famed Outback Wrangler Matt Wright has caused on uproar on social media after posted a couple photos with a monster 16-foot crocodile he pulled from an Australian swamp.

Wright, who has his own National Geographic series, specializes in “tracking down, capturing and transporting dangerous animals” including crocodiles, wild buffalo and polar bears, according to The Telegraph.

The photo pictured above has since gone viral after people came out in droves with their pitchforks to shame Wright for duct taping the mouth of the beast, calling it “disgusting” and “shameful” and the same old uneducated B.S. that comes with this type of post.

But, Wright explains on his website that he “works closely with scientists, wildlife management authorities, Indigenous elders and cattle station owners to ensure a win/win situation for both the animals as well as the people that need his help.”

Some Facebook commenters came to his defense:

“Large salties like this are highly territorial and can become problematic for the locals,” wrote one.

“Most times these crocs are being relocated as they have clashed with humans/livestock …” another explained.


Don’t worry bruh, they’ll find something else to be outraged about tomorrow.

[h/t The Telegraph]


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