Paralyzed TikToker Regains Use Of His Legs So He Can Kick His Friend In The Balls

Paralyzed TikToker Recovers So He Can Kick His Friend In The Balls


TikToker @Chase Gets Better found himself paralyzed after a catastrophic accident, but he managed to regain the use of his legs with the help of an incredible incentive from his friend Dan: if he recovered he would be allowed to kick him in the balls.

Documenting his journey on TikTok over several months, Chase and his physical therapists created and followed a recovery program specifically designed to allow him to kick Dan in the balls.

Chase says his main goal, the first thing he wanted to be able to do following his rehab was to climb the Rocky steps in Philly. His recovery team told him to expect to leave the facility in an electric wheelchair, but he wasn’t having any of that.

So he went to work, learning how to re-use his legs (“the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do”), and after two months he walked, gingerly, out of rehab.

After two and a half months, Chase was able to climb those darn steps. However, while climbing the Rocky steps was nice, Chase had another, much more important goal in mind: kicking his friend Dan in the balls.

His therapist says in the video that when she heard about this goal she says they “had to take a very strategic approach.”

“We worked on the right leg and the left leg to figure out which one was stronger and clearly the left leg is the one for the job,” she says. “His left leg has way more force than I was expecting.”

After much hard work, the day had finally arrived.

“Hey guys, I’m Dan. I’m about to be kicked in the balls,” Dan tells viewers in the final video before Chase kicks the absolute living hell out of his nuts. Seriously, he might need some rehab of his own after this wallop.

Alls well that ends well though as Dan appears to recover and the two share a moment that only one guy who kicked another guy in the balls can share.


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