The Full Cast From ‘Parks And Recreation’ Got Together For A Reunion And It Was Glorious

Parks and Recreation full cast reunion Paley Fest

Getty Image / JB Lacroix

The Parks and Recreation finale back in 2015 was bittersweet. On the one hand, that show’s final season and finale were infinitely better than 99.99% of TV comedies over the past few decades. They ended the show extremely well and as a fan, you had to respect that. On the other hand, the show’s finale left a big black hole in Thursday night programming.

With any show that’s been incredibly successful like Parks and Rec, The Office, Seinfeld, etc., there is always a discussion about reunions. It’s even more common in the age of Netflix where they’ve revived shows like Arrested Development, and ABC brought back Roseanne.

Now’s the time to talk about a Parks and Rec reunion because the entire cast, even the super duper ridiculously famous ones like Chriss Pratt, reunited at Pally Fest where they talked about their favorite memories from filming the show and the potential of a Parks and Recreation movie. Spoiler alert: the movie doesn’t seem likely unless someone puts a genius script onto a paper.

Here are all of the highlights from the Parks and Recreation reunion at Paley Fest via Twitter‘s Moments:

Even Perd Hapley was there!

Donna rockin’ a ‘Treat Yo Self’ dress is definitely a nod to the fans and I love it.

Galentine’s Day reunion.

Lots of feelings here.

Now for the commentary about the cast and crew’s favorite moments, scenes, memories, and the future:

Ann was always infallible in Lesley’s eyes.

TV needs more of this:

Mike Schur, the show’s creator, often recalls this as one of his favorite Parks and Rec moments.

I need to know who this real person is and where to find them.

These would easily sell for $100K on eBay.

Didn’t everyone get heavily into Game of Thrones around this time?

This will follow him forever:

If only.

Hate to hear this. Someone needs to whip up some magic.

Squad goals.

Just a quick reminder that Parks and Recreation is on Netflix and you can binge watch it all day every day and at night. My advice is to always skip the first season because Mark Brendanawicz was one of the biggest and wettest blankets in TV history and brings the entire season down. The show didn’t get good until he left and Adam Scott showed up as Leslie’s love interest with Rob Lowe as his sidekick.